Sleep help from one tired mum!!

My LG is 18 weeks and has the most horrific cold. She has slept through the night from 8 weeks but the last week she has started waking up during the night. Last night it was on the hour, every hour. She struggles to breathe and sounds so congested. I feel like I’m trying all the normal remedies: will this be it now for sleeping through?? How will I get her back into her normal sleep routine or will it just come back when her cold goes?
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It could be down to the 4 month sleep regression! We were sleeping through the night from 8 weeks & we are now up multiple times in the night! Genuinely don’t know how I survived when he was newborn because the past few nights have killed me 🤣

@Becca this is what I was afraid of lol I have never been so tired!! I’m running on fumes right now! I’m so desperate for sleep lol

Plug in calpol diffuser. It’s a god send x

You're doing great, you know you don't feel good when you're sick and sometimes it's hard to sleep with a blocked nose. Same for babies who mainly breathe through their nose. Lots of worries go through your head when you are very tired. Be gentle with yourself Mama, babies are amazing and very flexible. Once Bubba's cold has cleared up they will be back into routine in no time. ❤️ Found that a dose of baby pain relief and a nice steamy shower with mum/Dad or. warm bath with a suction bulb afterwards helps.

I second the calpol diffuser if she is congested x

@Becca @Emma-Louise how does your little ones sleep through the night? Do you have a day/night routine you can share? We’ve been getting up several times a night this whole time and really need some sleep. I do know though the calpol nasal drops really help with their congestion, especially with the warmer weather recently, you filter their head back and make sure the drops go proper up their nose then make them suck on a pacifier or milk bottle to swallow it down. Also have you reduced some of the layers? When my lo is too warm she gets congested easily too.

@Maxine this is just what we aim for, doesn’t always go to plan! 6am - nappy & feed 7.30-9.30 nap 11 - 12 nap 3-5.30 nap (wake up if not awake by 5.30) 7 - 8 nap 8pm bath & feed. Settle in next to me. Dream feed at 9.30 (atleast 5mins)! We had 4 nights of waking in the night. But last night he was back to sleeping through & did 10-6 xx

Vicks humidifier to help with cold could also be 4 month sleep regression

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