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Is anyone else finding that they’re arguing so much with their partner at the moment? My hormones feel like they’ve gone haywire in this 3rd trimester. It doesn’t help I have a lot going on personally. We’re also in the process of buying a house which is 1.5 hours away from my family and friends which makes me so nervous. I’m so anxious to move and not have my family round me with my first baby. He just doesn’t understand and we’re arguing so much. Hopefully it’s just a phase but it makes me so nervous with all the sleepless, stressful days and nights ahead as we navigate being first time parents 😩
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100% I've managed to work out the difference now between my pregnancy hormones and when he's actually in the wrong and a word is needed xx

No advice on the arguing as my relationship has got a lot better since being pregnant. But I completely understand the moving! I am moving when I am 37 weeks (in 6 weeks time) away from everyone I know to move in with my partner. I’m moving 2hrs from family and friends and it is really daunting! Here if you want to talk about any of it! x

@Sarah I think even if I worked that out he wouldn’t! It’s just making me feel so rubbish! Hopefully it’ll get better xx

@Naomi oh bless you! I’m 30 weeks and really hoping we don’t move before the baby as I think changing midwife and hospital will be so stressful for me. It’s so daunting isn’t it, I know we will have their family but it’s just not the same as your own! X

It’s not ideal, but I didn’t really have any choice as to whether to move before baby is here or not!😣 I have to change hospital etc when I’m 34 weeks so just hoping she doesn’t come in the 3 weeks that I’m still living at home! Exactly that! I’m going to find it quite hard without my family x

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