Does anyone else's baby do this head drop (or similar) before going to sleep?! 🤔🫤

My 10 mo son does this often! It's so weird to me. I don't know if I should be concerned...
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I think maybe it's because his right arm is in the way. Lol he may not know how to move it out the way to lay his head down without interruption. Lol I could be wrong..

I can’t really say my son does this but he does some super weird stuff 😭I wouldn’t worry about it

He’s just trying to get himself to go to sleep and get comfortable. My little one does this too

My son will do this when he’s tired and fussy, drops his head on the bed

No necessary but she does this head dropping only when she plays with this toy and tries to see the tv lol

Looks totally normal to me. He's just using a comfort mechanism to fall asleep. My son taps his forehead.

YES!! My daughter does this, I never seen any other baby do it so I thought she was the only 1 🤭

My son does this when he's fighting sleep

Normal!! He is trying to self soothe

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