Reduced Movements

I’m 38+4 and I visited triage today for reduced movements, this is the second time - first time was around 31 weeks. Initially the baby wasn’t moving, once I drank cold water it triggered some movement from him. They’ve told me they will ‘try’ and get me a scan tomorrow, if not they will bring me back for more monitoring. I’m actually so worried. His movements are still really slow compared to normal, if they aren’t worried why are they bringing me back? And would they send me home if they weren’t happy with the monitoring results? They mentioned induction if the next results aren’t good. Which makes me think todays aren’t great so why not keep me?
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I had reduced movement on Tuesday - 39+3. They moved a bit on monitoring but not the ‘usual’. I had a scan, and have since been in daily for monitoring. They suggested an induction as over 38 weeks and reduced movement as it is protocol. I asked for a sweep and have had this plus daily monitoring. I have an induction booked for the weekend following a second sweep today. Always ask them what their concerns are or why you’re being offered the monitoring and scan as they weren’t particularly forthcoming with information. Always ask and if something doesn’t feel right go back and ask again!

I've been in 5 times and every time it's been fine. It's hard because they say keep an eye on movement patterns but they do change, or at least they have in my case. If they were truly worried they would 100% Keep you in as they tend to be overly cautious! I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry, they have your best interests at heart and will do everything they can to make sure you and baby are fine ❤️

I’ve been in four times for reduced movements between 33 and 38 weeks and had 2 scans in that time. They mainly go on your perception, so even when my little one isn’t moving on the scan/ no movements on the monitors for hours at a time they can’t answer why and it’s up to you if they keep you in or you go home and monitor it yourself. I have now been booked for an induction at 39 weeks and hoping when she arrives we get some answers as so far the only potential explanation is she’s small x

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