Anybody else?

Anybody else sick of there husband/boyfriend doing absolutely FUCK ALL or am I the only one?
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I do feel like this sometimes. My partner is hands on, just there are moments I see something and it just feels like he doesn’t care. Especially when it comes to changing nappies. You’re not alone

So I have been looking after both boys all day myself. Husband at work. Calls to say can he go out for a drink after work and will be home an hour later than usual. I say sure no problem. Then calls to say they are just leaving work can he actually catch the train after that as won't have much time for a drink and will be home 2 hours later than usual. My 4yo is not happy, but I explain and he eventually accepts. Then calls to say there is signal failure, train cancelled. Will be home 3 hours later than usual so 8:40. Just busy getting baby to sleep after getting older son to sleep. I am starving and want to order a take away. But they only take cash. Don't have enough so messaged husband to ask him to draw some on way home. No response. Not answering calls or messages. Should be home by now. Reckon his phone died as he often doesn't charge it and listens to music on it all day at work. So hungry and annoyed! Anyway, that is my rant to share.

Yeah but already knew men were useless lol

Mines sat downstairs watching FUCKING darts after finishing work at 2.30pm and sitting on sofa doing Jack shit! Today honestly I could drag him off the sofa and pull him round the house by his feet 😂 he gets me that MAD 😡 No nappy changes, no washing bottles, no bottle feeding, no baby entertainment, no rocking to sleep, no night feeds, nothing! And the sits there and expects to be called worlds greatest dad. NO not happening 😡

@Emma lock him out!! put the key in the door and say you fell to sleep and didn’t hear the door because you’re absolutely tired - leave him outside all night 😂 that’s what frame of mind I would be in because mines driving me mad lately

I second this if I suffer so do you😂

Hi all So just an update... His phone hadn't died but he went back into the pub when waiting for the next train as they are only every hour. Then he "lost track of time" and missed the next two trains. Apparently also no signal in the pub. Finally replied to my messages at 8:40pm Eventually got back home at 10:45pm. Lots of apologising and a promise to communicate better in future. He knows he owes me, but he owes me anyways. He is a very good husband though who gets our 4 yo ready and dropped off at preschool 4 days a week and also often does cooking and cleaning. So I am lucky in that way. It was just a VERY frustrating night of basically being forgotten about enough to have him repeatedly miss trains and not message/reply. But all is good now. It just better NEVER happen again. I do love him very much and this isn't a regular occurrence.

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