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Does anyone have a car seat that spins and also goes over 4 years old? My son is currently in the joie every stage which goes up to 12 years so is great but doesn’t spin, I now also have 5 month old twins so trying to work out the easiest way to get them all in the car when they’re a little bit older!😅 thank you
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I have the exact same dilemma, not sure what car you have but there aren’t many that have 3 isofix points in the rear the only solution I have found is the multimac which is a bench which fits across the back seats.

@Carlie I have the VW Touran which can fit 3 car seats in the back, I currently have 2 isofix car seats and the joie every stage but obviously one is in the middle so I have no clue how I’m going to reach the middle to put the kid in the middle in if you get me 🤣

I have the Joie iSpin Grow that spins and goes up to 7 x

We have an Osann spin that does up to 12 can’t remember exact model

Ahh have a look at the sliver cross 360 which goes up to 12 year that’s what I have at the moment

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