My body hates me

Ok… so tomorrow I am 6 weeks pregnant. In the last week I have developed thrush, a cold sore, constant nausea (no vomiting yet thankfully), dry as the Sahara downstairs, REALLY sore boobs, and as I was washing my boobies in the shower yesterday a tiny drop of white stuff came out of my old nipple piercing that I took out 8 years ago???? I am only 6 weeks 😩 if it gets worse from here I’m not sure I’ll survive it. Surely this is like week 9 kind of stuff.
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I have had thrush so far during my pregnancy. Nipple leakage can be due to irritation or just in comtact with clothing or washing etc.. I get it quite often. Discharge can be different for everyone… further on in your pregnancy you’ll have more frequent discharge ( I have to keep changing panty liners throughout the day as it feels like I’m trickling) if you have any major problems when you get a midwife mention all of this to her 💗

I have a scheduled call with a midwife next week and will be giving her my entire list of all the ways my body has turned on me 😂

A trickle would be welcomed 🥹 it’s so uncomfortable being bone dry

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