Billed from out-of-network doctor in in-network hospital

I have birth in Jacob's Hospital earlier this year. I double checked it was in network(Aetna). Now I received a bill for some services bc it was provided by an out-of-network doctor. I am a bit pissed. Did anybody have a similar experience? Is there anything I can do about it?
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Yes this exact same thing happened to me, same insurance and hospital. It's been an absolute nightmare but it looks like we finally got it resolved, 7 months later. After 2 appeals were denied, we took it up with the insurance commissioner. Please feel free to DM me!

Update: It turned out the doctor wrote his office address for the claim, not the hospital address. If his services are done in his office it is out-of-network, but if it's done in in-network hospital(my case) then it is in network. Aetna representative called them and ask to reprocess the claim with the right address and told me to wait 7-10 business days. I had to call three times and talk to three different people before I got to the one who could help me. Some of them have no idea or had no desire to help. So be persistent!

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