Happy skin sleep suits

Hi all, new to this group, I have a 5 month old little girl who suffers from really bad eczema flare ups, ive just brought one of the happy skin suits online, just wondering what people think of them? Worth the money?
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I started using these when my little ones eczema was so severe and red raw!! It really did help, along with the cream they sell on their site! Be sure to wash skin thoroughly before using it the first time and just don’t put anything on that first night after the bath. Our little girl also had really dry and flaky skin. It has definitely helped, although material isn’t the best and very pricey but the babygrows and full body one is worth it I think. We still use them now mainly for the mitts x

@Gabriella oh brilliant thank you 🥰 x

Definitely!! These have 100% helped my daughter along with finding a good cream. She wears her every night.

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