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My breastfeeding journey has been really difficult. Baby is 16 days old and I can’t seem to get him full on breast milk. He’s had his tongue tie cut today which has helped with latching but he’s still so hungry despite BF all day today so I’ve had to top up with formula (he’s been combi feeding due to jaundice and latching issues). Will it ever work out for us? :(
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My son also had his tongue tie resolved when he was 10 days old, he is now almost 6 weeks and still doesn't latch perfect and with nipple shields. I do express and give top ups of my Breastmilk

If breastfeeding doesn't work out for you ... Please don't beat yourself up, I know people say breast is best ... But I'm of the opinion that FED is best! Do what's best for you and your little one, there's such a pressure to exclusively breastfeed right? I lasted about a week breastfeeding and topping up with formula and struggled with it for different reasons (concerns regarding little girls blood sugars being low as I had gestational diabetes throughout pregnancy and she lost a bit more of her birth weight than hoped) I now bottle feed my little girl expressed breast milk and honestly have never looked back. She's still getting the benefits of breast milk but I now know exactly how much milk she's taking in and my husband can take part in feedings too. IF it doesn't work out for you then expressing might be an option for you?

What makes you think the breast milk isn’t enough?

Baby is still hungry despite feeding all day and won’t settle so have assumed he’s not getting full on it @Samantha

Ahh right, just wondering as I’m exclusively breast feeding and don’t know how to tell if it’s enough. Baby cluster feeds a lot and gets fussy in the evening but I think that’s just the witching hour for me, as he’s settled in the day. My boy also had his tongue tie cut last week and he did struggle a lot the first day, so hopefully it will get better for your baby!

Hi My little one had his tongue tie cut 2 weeks ago. It's only really been this last week I've finally felt he's feeding well! The last week he's a lot less fussy and clearly getting more

He's just cluster feeding. Don't sweat x

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