Joie every stage car seat fitting

Hiya I asked my partner to fit the car seat and to take pics of my daughter in the seat. We know that the straps have NOT been tightened and is a bit twisted so will fix that when we take her out in the car, but apart from that, does everything else look ok eg- the headrest positioning and the general fit etc. Sorry for the unclear pics. More pics in the comments Thanks x
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Headrest up a click or 2, hard to tell with anything else. Both lower inserts in also, just unpop the head part xx

@Kiera thank you 😊 i will sned clearer pics tomorrow/Saturday. So are saying that i need to put the inserta back in?

@Wyanita yes both lower inserts in xx

Looks like chest pads need to come down slightly so they sit more on her chest xx

Thanks both. I will adjust them and will resend some pics over the next few days if thats ok x

Hiya i have now added the bottom half of the insert (but removed the wedge from the insert) and also adjusted the headrest. Does this look ok?

Im no expert but that looks so much better xx

Yeah I agree looks much better, may be worth joining the car seat safety uk Facebook page and see if anyone else has any tips, but I think you’ve improved the fit massively! X

Looks better but I’d be inclined to put the wedge back in also, the buckle is quite high still xx

Thanks all x

@Sophie thanks. I joined the group a while back but apparently they dont give fit checks on the Azkid move (which we also have) or Joie car seats. I may message Joie though just for extra confirmation. X

@Wyanita they do but only if you buy the axkid from them. If you buy from other retailers, you will be asked to go back to your retailer. For the Joie, even though they said they wouldn't (they did, but some people argued with admin about their advice and it seems the number of fit checks for joie are the majority, one of the admins got mad and announced they wouldn't. Though i notice they still provide fit checks for joie normally, so might worth a check xx

@Thao i sent them a fit check earlier..just to see if they would approve but they rejected it..

@Thao iv emailed Joie directly to see what they say

@Wyanita oh that is so strange. I see multiple posts about Joie everyday. 🤷‍♀️

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