Relactation, anyone else trying?

Hey all! I admit I’m writing this feeling quite emotional. My boy is nearly 6 months old, I was adamant we were going to breastfeed. But life and problems got in the way, and I was pushed to bottle feeding whilst we were in hospital. As a result, I suppose I was a tad bit postpartum depressed, and now I can’t even get a drop. If I bring my boy to try to feed he screams, we even bought a medala feeding system, and still he sounds like he hates me. Or he really just hates my boobs! I feel like a failure. My partner is supportive but I don’t think he quite understands how much I wanted this to work. It’s part of my belief to breastfeed, and I just wanted it. Plus I think I’d feel guilty if I breastfed our second future baby. I wanted to talk about this with the health visitor, but she just didn’t show up (so helpful). To top it all off, my cat died this morning, I’ve had him since I was 4… so I just needed something to go my way
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Gosh you’ve had a tough day! Sending a big hug your way. I have no experience of relactation so can’t support there but it might be helpful to look to NCT or La Lèche League for support as I think you might be best helped by a qualified lactation consultant. It must have been hard when you were being pushed towards bottle feeding after the birth. It’s a very vulnerable time and I’m sure you were taking the advice because you wanted to do your best for your son - I hope you can give yourself credit for that! Wishing you luck 🍀

You've had a tough day and emotions can play a big part. I've had a very up and down relationship with BF, to this day im still using nipple shields. Sometimes I can get a latch without but the stars have to align! Without it she cries and I also feel so defeated, at the beginning I cried a lot thinking I was failing because I didn't have that 'natural latch or comnection'. I had a really good chat with the National Breastfeeding Helpline on Facebook and it really boosted my spirits. Please don't feel like a failure, the most important thing is a happy mum happy baby and if that's bottle fed then that's what's best.

I completely understand this feeling. I too was adamant I wanted to breastfeed. I beat myself up everyday for not being able to do it & it really upsets me still.

@Chloe I keep going back and fore on whether to give up. I can have quite a temper, I’m worried I will end up shouting at my boy from frustration. We’ve spent so much money on getting things to help breastfeeding, he just hates me when I try. I’m sorry you’ve had similar troubles, but at the same time I’m glad I’m not alone ❤️

I felt exactly the same. My baby had a lip tie, so by night three I was running on 2 hours sleep in 72 hours and gave him a bottle not knowing he had a lip tie and couldn’t feed properly. Poor thing was hungry! Little did I know that his lip tie in combination with me feeding him formula meant that my supply was so low I couldn’t exclusively pump and I struggled to pump and look after him too. I was so determined to breast feed that I didn’t want to buy any formula for his birth even as a back up! (We did) but anyway, I was devastated my supply wouldn’t allow me to exclusively pump because my baby has CMPA, so imagine, the only food you can feed your baby you know will hurt them. I was a right wreck! He also didn’t want to latch from me in the end. I went to a specialist class, tracked down a NICU feeding specialist (even though my baby wasn’t in NICU), asked everyone I knew for help and was even thinking of buying a hospital grade breast pump 1/2

2/2 - what I’ve now learned is that, damn, we go through SO MUCH. And we want the best for our babies. Give yourself a break and some grace. You did your best physically and mentally and maybe with your second you will breastfeed, maybe you won’t. I’m 31 with 6 siblings and couldn’t care less if my mum breastfed the others and not me 🤷‍♀️ My baby is formula fed, very happy, growing beautifully and advanced for his age. Your baby needs to be fed, not breast fed and you’re a brilliant mum for trying so hard when it’s easy to give up. I’m also sorry about your cat 😔 sending lots of love! X

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