I hate everyone is this normal

Hi all I’m in my last trimester and I literally hate everyone who I come into contact with (apart from my own mother). My husband? I hate. My in laws? Hate more than usual. The random lady breathing too heavy infront of me. I also hate. Please tell me other people are feeling this way? I’m fed up, feeling down and all sorts of rage. Everything is so difficult - even sleeping or moving around and I am just so sick of being pregnant. Ready to just fling myself off the stairs.
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This sounds very familiar. Why do people breathe so loudly?!

Omg me right now and people who eating loudly

Yep also very sick of being pregnant feel like it has been forever

Are your iron levels ok? I have been in a foul mood & turns out it’s linked to aneamia

😂😂😂 yep people have food aversions and I have people aversions

In the first trimester I was constantly furious about people wearing strong scents on public transport 😆

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