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I don’t even know where to start in making changes or what to do. My little girl has never been a great sleeper but I’ve just done whatever I can to help the situation to make sure we all get some sort of sleep as I have a 4 year old aswell. Don’t know if it’s cause I’m back to work so I’m feeling it but my god I didn’t realise how bad she was. We spend from 7pm-1030 up and down with so many false starts and then shel probably sleep until about 1-2am and then is up again every hour until I have to get up at 5 am for work. She’s still in with us otherwise I would be up and down across the landing all night. I honestly dunno what I’m doing wrong! I know they say just give baby comfort but both of us are getting next to no sleep and it’s really effecting her and me I think. She’s just a constant grump. Me and my partner both take in turns but with us both working it’s really taking it’s toll on us. I NEED HELP!
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Have you looked into any form of sleep training ? Like you said she just wants comfort and may just need to learn that she can soothe herself. It could also help with putting her in her own room. We found from around 7 months we were really disturbing our boy when we were in bed. And he actually slept better alone. Is she fed enough in the day? Milk and solids ? X

I know you think you may be up and down out the room but it could be you waking her up!! Snoring, talking in your sleep ect so maybe her own room would help, completely dark black out blinds ect white noise and constant routine until it clicks , I hope it settles for you it’s so hard isn’t it 😩 x

Our boy stayed in our room until about 2 ish weeks ago and since then he’s been waking up less through the night, I was reluctant to be separate from him because of the constant up and down but I think he’s actually needed the independent quieter space x

I know it’s not for everyone but I was also almost at breaking point and 2 nights of sleep training (really not that bad) and our life is changed.

Following for advice because my LO is bad.too. how do you guys do the sleep training

I used a plan a friend shared with me, but you can Google the chair method. Essentially allow them to learn to self settle when they first go down and again if they wake, pat/stroke/talking to them to calm them. But try not to pick them up. If you consistently provide the same approach they will learn, within 3 days.

I second @Natalie’s advice, we had 2 nights of crying 1st was 24mins and 2nd was 19mins using that method and then from then onwards she just scuffles for her dummy or a reassuring hand on her face and she goes back off to sleep. Without a doubt changed our lives as I was at breaking point. We did that mid Jan and it’s still okay to date! Xx

Sounds similar to us. I'm not convinced about sleep training. You go through a few nights of trauma and get a couple of good nights sleep but as soon as they're teething or sick it goes back to shit again. You have an older child so you know it does get better. I have 2 older ones and can't really remember when it got better but probably by 18 months.

I can also vouch for a sleep training, I paid a lot of money for a consultant who was with me every step of the way, she’s gone from pretty much 2 hourly wake ups to sleeping through or just one quick feed in the night 😊

I also did sleep training, but you need to do something and really stick to it, we didn't get immediate results but it's gradually got better and better, she was always an awful sleeper and now is only up once for a very short amount of time and back to sleep.

You need to look at whether she has age appropriate wake windows. If under or overtired you will end up with these types of problems

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