Anyone want/ need breastmilk in Denver?

Hi! My little one is one month old and I have over 400 ounces in my freezer… help me help you!!
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Hi I would be interested!

Yes please!

This is beautiful 🩷

How were you able to make this much milk? I have one storage bag in the freezer that I made with sweat and tears 😂

How much are you charging?

@Fatimah this happened with my daughter too… every time I nurse him my other side will collect like 2-3 ounces … working with lactation to help

@Laurielle I’ll charge 50 cents an ounce. I do take Zoloft and lamictal but the relative infant dose is minuscule and has been extensively studied. My baby gained 1.5 pounds at two weeks of life so it’s still doing it’s job. I nursed my daughter for one year and saw no adverse effects

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