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I’m 34+4 weeks! Had my midwife appointment today and baby is measuring 4 weeks ahead of what he should be. The midwife says they no longer worry about big babies and that measuring with the tape measure can be wrong but I pushed to have a growth scan anyway. I had the growth scan in the afternoon and yes - baby boy is measuring 4 weeks bigger and is already approx 7lbs. Now I need a consultant appointment tomorrow to discuss the results of the scan. Has anyone had similar and know what the appointment will be like? Will they want to induce me early or just monitor?
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I’ve had this, my scan at 33+6 baby was measuring 6lbs13 I had my consultant appointment over the phone yesterday, they asked if I would prefer a c section or induction, explained the risks etc,I opted for induction but it won’t be done until my due date! My midwife is booking it at my 38 week appointment. Although I do have another growth scan Friday next week, they really didn’t sound too concerned.x

My baby is measuring large. I have GD and my previous baby was also macrosomic and severe shoulder dystocia delivery. We've been monitored with growth scans and home blood sugar testing. They gave me the option on Wednesday to induce this week (37 weeks) but I declined and we all agreed a C-section at 39 weeks will be the safest option for us. X

Okay so definitely sounds like some form of induction will be offered then and it’s just the when 🙈 my first girl was 9lb12 and don’t want a repeat of that! Thanks! Might actually need to start preparing for a baby then 😂

Have you been tested for gd? My only sign was baby measuring big I had no other symptoms! At my 32 week scan that was, I was only diagnosed at 34 weeks myself! Cant answer any of the questions about induction etc as I’m awaiting a growth scan on Tuesday to see her growth and decide a plan from then x

Yeah I was tested at 24 weeks and didn’t have it - was also tested with my 1st and didn’t have it. Apparently I’m just someone who ‘has big babies’ 🙄

With my 1st I didn't get GD until 34 weeks, you may just get it late x

@Tori being retested for GD next week so will soon find out I guess!

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