Green Toys Product Issue

Hello, for a while now my toddler and I have enjoyed Green Toys Products. While at my mom's house today I lead tested a Green Toys Rocket and it came up pretty blatantly positive. I emailed the company, and explained the situation and said I was concerned. They kinda sent a snippy response. Has anyone else lead tested their Green Toys? I have others at home I intend to test
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I haven’t tested them but have heard bad things about the recycled plastic toys leaching more plastic because of the process of recycling. I think they could have at least offered to look into what you found, it seems a little defensive. Do you have any toys you have tested and really like you could recommend?

@Sally that's discouraging. I felt it was defensive too. Honestly, most every other toy I've tested comes out just fine! That's why it was so concerning to me. Most puzzles I've tested come out well too like Melissa and Doug's puzzles. I do know this makes me not want to purchase from Green Toys again

@Annie I wouldn’t use them moving forward either! It’s a relief to hear that most of the other things you tested passed, but it seems very unlikely that it wasn’t accurate. Maybe you could pass on what you found to lead safe mama or someone else who could share it more widely, people should be able to make an informed choice about green toys and likely buy it thinking it is a superior product and better for the environment, it’s so disappointing!

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