Separation Anxiety

Anyone else's 8 month old refuses to be left alone. Like is literally attached to you and will scream and cry the moment you get up to do anything else other than sitting there playing with them??? 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 I've even compromised with my son for him to be in his walker with me while Im in the kitchen but then he gets bored and starts fussing and crying. Off we go, back to the play pen! I try to leave even for a minute and he protests, screaming, crying, hanging over the play pen gate. I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out! 🤦🏾‍♀️🫣😭
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My 8mo is the same way. Can't go to the restroom without her hysterically crying.

Mine just doesn’t like being in a play pen or blocked off from me but if I leave he is fine if the house is all open to him lolol

If he’s behind bars all hell breaks loose🤣

my daughter doesn’t let me put her down and if i do then she screams. it’s been like this for a week and a half now 😭 and it has to be me holding her

@Nichole OMG it's like a disaster!! I feel like we're getting held captive lmaoo

@Jade I wish it was just that at this point lol. Then I could go to the bathroom or the kitchen or just leave the play pen without him wailing 😄

@Mia your arms are gonna be so strong lmao. I already feel muscles building in my left arm from having to constantly hold my son!!

@Mia I did however get a tush baby carrier for mother's Day so it helps a little

Mine baby girl is the same way... i even take her to work with me...

I am dealing with the same exact behaviors from my boy! I know it’s a normal and healthy phase…just hoping it doesn’t last too much longer! Hang in there Mama!

My son is starting that pattern as well. However after I assure him he’s ok, he’ll calm down I read an article that it’s apart of them understanding who their caregivers are and feeling safe He cried for the first time when someone asked to hold him as well. Try affirming your baby and allow them to self soothe if possible

Same with my 8 month old! I miss the days when I could go to the bathroom and he’d just babble content in his crib for a couple minutes. Now I step away and in 2 seconds he’s crying like he’s in pain

At 9 months old babies go through a separation anxiety phase so it could be that your baby is just hitting that phase a tad early!

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