Witching hour success

So our LO has witching hour between 5pm and 11pm every single night. Our routine usually consists of me looking after her all day 7am-5pm, and my partner takes over 5pm-12 midnight (during this time I make dinner then have an early night to sleep before getting up for the night shift at 3am). My partner is unlucky because his shift with her begins right on her witching hour which starts at 5pm and finishes at 11pm. During this time she sleeps (or we try to get her to sleep) in her moses basket in the living room with my partner so I can sleep upstairs. Every night for the past 2 weeks my partner and I haven’t managed to settle her, but I wondered if maybe she just doesn’t like the living room at this time because my fiancé has the TV on etc. Tonight, he went to watch football so i changed her routine so that she came up to bedroom with me, put her in her moses basket in the bedroom, and it’s the first time she’s slept at 8pm ever! Are babies really this basic and all along has it been that she just doesn’t like the living room and prefers a different room/environment? We will see… I just wanted to share incase anyone else had witching hour - I’m not sure if this has solved it but it seems to be working!
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That's Amazing! We haven't had a witching hour in a while but we have more or less thr same routine as yours but my hubby takes over after dinner at 9.30 pm and brings her up at 2am We will try your trick when it happens again :)

Is it the room or is it that she just wants to be with her mum? 😊

@Hazel Haha i didn’t think of this but maybe it is that!

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