Apologies on advance for the graphic detailing but Is anyone else taking progesterone pessaries? Are you inserting vaginally or anally? On the box it says to use twice a day up my bum I'm really struggling trying to use them that way it makes me feel like I need the toilet! Again sorry for the gross details hopefully your not eating your tea while reading this message 🥴
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I use my vaginally, still little messy but much nicer !

I’m on these and on the box it says to insert one vaginally twice a day so that’s what I have been doing. It’s messy and I’ve heard rectally is less messy but other than that it’s fine for me ☺️

I use these twice per day vaginally, I just put a liner or a pad on as can be a little messy, no problems so far though x

Thanks everyone, I'll try vaginally tonight I wasn't sure why they told me to use anally even though it says either on the box. Definitely don't recommend using them anally any how 😅 x

I use my vaginaly as well. Only started yesterday and realised it’s best to push it up as far as you can. What’s everyone’s views on taking it? Have you used it in the past with positive outcome?

I have to take it once a day and I insert it vaginally. I put it in just before I go to sleep and that way I’m laying down and don’t need to get up for a while.

I use these rectally. Try and open my bowels first before putting them in. But if I need to go after I try and wait at least 30 minutes.

I’m using vaginally as found they caused irritation the other way 🥴 definitely use thin panty liners/pads to save your underwear, they give off a bit more residue/grease when using vaginally. Not pleasant but anything to hope things work out better this time round

I alternated, you should be ok to use on either one

I use vaginally

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