Dropping nap.

Has anyone else’s 11 month old (nearly 12 month old) dropped down to 1 nap? My little girl has been fighting her second nap for nearly a week now. She has been having one nap lasting 1.5/2 hours.
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We’re in some weird middle zone where she stills needs a 2nd nap but fights it like hell! So some days has 2, others just the one and how long all depends on where we are 😬

Why don’t you shorten the first nap to see if she might then have a second nap? I’ve heard the ideal is 30 mins in the morning (9am) then 1.30hr ish at about 12.30-2pm with bed at 6.30pm ish. Not that my little boy does this. He’s still on two naps roughly an hour each time but it changes every day although he sleeps through the night and generally does 6.30pm- 6.30am. If your baby is happy to go without the second nap then maybe go with it

My son started doing 1 nap at 9 months. He will sleep 2-3 h during that nap and after that stays awake until night time. He normally wakes up 8am go for nap midday and then bed around 7pm to 8pm. Not sure if it’s normal but it works for us! He doesn’t fight sleep either. Have you tried to put LO back to sleep after she wakes up from the nap? Sometimes I feel like he wakes up but he still needs more rest and looks very sleepy so I just hold him, pat his back and sometimes he goes back to sleep (not always but sometimes). In my opinion it doesn’t matter how many naps it matters how many hours of sleep they get? If that makes sense. Maybe try to get her to sleep a bit longer on that nap that way at least she is not fighting sleep. Hope it gets better my love❤️

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