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My sons doctor only goes on Thursdays now which is inconvenient for me. Anyone willing to share their experiences with their childs pediatrician? My son is delayed in speech and im really lost idk where to start with looking for another doctor for him. We live in South Gate but idc how far it can be. He has molina healthcare right now thanks in advance.
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I love the crew at Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills! I’ve seen several doctors in their Peds department and really liked all of them.

Dr. Self-Stoico in pasadena is amazing. She saved my sons life when he was sick at 9 months.

Hi, is your son in Early Intervention? You would contact your regional center, no need for a pediatric referral, if he has an expressive speech delay they’ll provide speech therapy for free. My son is in several forms of therapy due to his developmental delays.

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