Dentist insisted on watching kids during apt then canceled last minute. Should I change dentists?

I have four small cavities. I'm not in pain so I was going to make an appointment when I could find childcare for my twins. This is not easy because I have absent grandparents and babysitters are expensive and have to be booked weeks ahead. Yesterday the secretary at the dental office called and offered me an appointment today to have the cavities repaired. I said no because I had no childcare and no time to arrange for childcare. My normal babysitter is away visiting her daughter and my boyfriend is working. She insisted that she could watch them while I had the caveties filled that it would be quick and I shouldn't wait to get them fixed. I told her they are three and they are twins and I wasn't sure it was a good idea. She said not to worry she had it under control and she had done this for other moms before. I agreed but was unsure that this was a good idea. My kids are fine with other people and if I had toys snacks and drinks I thought it would be fine. We went today and the kids were on there best behavior. She brought them into the exam room with us which was a terrible idea because there is no space for all of us. The dentist was rude and said they aren't a childcare center, why would I ever think it was ok to bring them and that they are hyperactive and badly behaved. They were acting like normal three year olds and on their best behavior in my opinion. I expected worse. I explained that this was not my idea. That I had said no several times and was pressured and reassured by the secretary that I should take the appointment and it would be fine. She admitted she said that. He refuses to do my fillings and we just got home. I'm really thinking of taking my business elsewhere. I feel disrespected because of the name calling against my kids and that they did not respect my time. Am I right to be mad? What would you do in this situation?
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Yes I would go elsewhere where this is not customer service. I work in a dental practice and none of my dentists would behave like this

You are absolutely right to be mad. He should’ve taken up the issue with the secretary, not you. You were misled and told false information, that’s not your fault. I’m sorry this happened to you. If it’s possible I’d recommend getting your work done elsewhere, if it happened to me I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable going there anymore after being disrespected.

As a dental nurse that is really strange to me. We have a lot of people come in who have no choice but to bring their children with them and most of the time are very well behaved and just sit there. Even when coming for check ups the nurse will take the children outside the room while having x-rays etc. we would not have a problem with this and for them to refuse you treatment because of it is out of order in my opinion, especially if the receptionist offered to watch them.

I would be pissed! Definitely find another dentist, that one is rude.

@Julie my son just played with a toy on the extra chair in the room. There was not a second chair so Isabella was sitting on the floor beside him drinking her bottle. I was kinda proud of how well they were doing because they are 3 and can't be expected to be perfect.

@Tyra Elysha I agree I shouldn't have been in the middle of the argument. She should have taken them to a different room and kept them busy during the appointment. They could have talked when I left and said they wouldn't do it again in the future which would have been fine.

Why did the secretary not just watch them like she said she would?

@Sharon I have no idea. I thought she would have stayed in the waiting room with them and kept them occupied. Instead I got a talking to about being an bad parent for bringing them at all. I'm really disappointed we are going to change dentists

Yeah, you should. Let them know why you are leaving too.

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