Do belly bands really work?

I’m three months postpartum and still feel like my belly is too round. I ended up having an emergency C-section and bought a belly band in the hospital because I heard they help. But I never ended up using it because I wanted my scar to heal and then I’ve heard you’re supposed to use them when walking. I go on a daily walk for 30 minutes to an hour, but I’m mostly just at home sitting or taking care of the baby. I always forget about it when I go on my daily walk, but also wondering if I could wear them around the house and if that would do any good?
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My midwife said she wouldn’t recommend using them after a c section as it needs to heal in its own time. I found for myself doing hiit workouts has reduced my belly. Also I’m on the keto diet. But that isn’t for everyone. Xx

I was advised by my obstetrician that they can make your core lazier, you want to wake those muscles up. I didn’t use one and had no support issues. Didn’t develop a shelf and my stomach flattened naturally after a few months. Ab muscles came back online on their own xx

I started using my belly band few days post my c section and it worked great for me. Tummy went down 80% by 4th week. I don’t use it all the time. N another reason I use it is for supporting my back and that helped.

They really only help the first week for support. After that you need to rebuild your core. Do deep core exercises and belly breathing. Those will help tighten your belly as well as help back pain

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