Ferocious tantrums !

The last few days my boy has been having insane breakdowns. Absolutely hysterical and inconsolable. He keeps waking up grouchy after his nap, and it keeps going and going until we get home from wherever we are (the whinging and moaning) but the anger, aggressive tantrums have only happened twice and he is screeching and seems furious! Is this normal? Should I be worried? I try and comfort him but he won’t allow it until after it passes and then he wants a cuddle and seems to be okay.
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I think it’s normal. My LG is quite strong willed anyway but the tantrums are wild, it’s like she possessed! One went on the other day for almost an hour over mini cheddars! My mum worked in a nursery for 15 years in the toddler room and said it is normal and is developmental. It’s a case of trying all sorts of things and find what calms your baby down. So far the only thing that has worked is playing ‘wind the bobbin up’ and dancing/running around the kitchen 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 If all else fails get them in water or get them outside x

@Hannah ahh yeah my little one is very strong willed also so I’m not sure if wild tantrums accompany that 😂😂 so thankful it’s not me, but sorry for us both 😂❤️

Could have written this post myself! X

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