Looking for pillow Recommendations....

My baby girl is 8 months old and she like pillows but i Want to get her one that's breathable, so that i'm not worried about her or suffocating.... Does anybody have any recommendations on what type of pillow to try... she is ever good at moveing her head and dosent put her face in them ...
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I would say she’s fine she could do it with any of the stuffed animals as well. But she’s big enough to move around by herself and move her head. https://amzn.to/4bAQn3D maybe this one

@Jade yeah she really good with the stuff animals we have never had her puting them on her face .... so im think a pillow wont be a problem for her and she never takes her second nap untill today with a pillow .... and she had stuffed animals to sleep with sence she was a month old ...

my guy likes pillows too but the recommendation is not to use them until after 1 year of age so we will be waiting 🙃 if your set on using one then i would try a mini pillow better suited for her size!

@Lydia yeah she been using pillows on and off and never had a problem just trying to find one more her size

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