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Any help with night time routine? We seem to struggle during tea time as my daughter will either go to sleep which I get paranoid is to close to her bedtime so she wont sleep as much in night or like tonight be wide awake but very aggy. We bathed her 8pm to try calm her down but now isnt due a feed until 9:30 but isnt happy whatsoever. We dont bath her everynight because it doesnt relax her unfortunately. Its hard knowing what to do for best at this time of night? Thankyou
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We just do 7pm feed downstairs & let her chill. Then 10pm into pjs & a feed in bed, we used to fuss over her evening but she loves laying watching her mobile about her crib & having a kick around. She usually dozes off about 9pm. Sometimes they don’t want to be held anymore 😭 xx

Do you let her sleep 9/10pm? Would it make difference to her sleep at night then?

@Catrin I let her sleep & it makes no difference I think because she is fed again. She has 10pm feed & down by 11, sleeps through til 3.30ish. After that is abit hit & miss. Some mornings awake from 5.45, sometimes not til 7.30 xxx

Ok thanks :)

My little one had a 3hr nap waking up at 7:30pm last night and it actually turned out to be our longest stretch of sleep overnight that he’s ever done, 10-6am 🤷‍♀️

I think sleep promotes sleep, & they get grizzly when tired, so I let her sleep whenever she wants. Last night she slept 8-10 in her crib before bedtime & I just fed her at 4am. All trial & error but works for us xx

Our little one usually sleeps downstairs with us about 8-10pm then we wake her up for a feed before we go to bed (dream feed). She then usually sleeps until 4:30am/5am x

@Emm what does your routine consist of between that 7:30/10? Xx

@Catrin I’ll be honest his daytime naps are all over the place. Yesterday he only had 40mins at 4:30 and then 30mins at 7:30. But normally full of chatter and wiggles for an hour or so on an evening and as he’s starting to get grumpy at about half 8 we run his bath (he’s obsessed, so this buys us more smile time) moisturise, fresh pjs etc, then we make up a bottle, burps snuggles and down for the night. Some nights it takes a bit longer before he settles than others but at the moment it doesn’t seem to link to when his last nap was. Doubt it makes much difference but we do this in our room with just to lamp on. I think like others have said it’s just figuring what works for you and sticking with it 😊

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