Baby brezza bottle washer pro - is it worth it?!

Hubby and I are over hand washing bottles and pump parts, so I am looking into bottle washers and found the baby breeza bottle washer pro (we have the formula pro and I'm OBSESSED with it)... Is the bottle washer worth the $$?
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I texted my brother this exact question 7 days ago. We were hand washing and then using microwavable bags for sterilizing*. He brought his brezza sterilizer+dryer to my place and we tested it. I can say with resounding certainty: yes. Fully worth it. It doesn't wash bottles, so we still have to give them a quick hand wash but it sterilizes and dries superbly and relatively quickly. Only downside is it takes up counter space.


Yes !! I am currently washing mine !

I have the formula maker too 😂😂

We love ours !!

It does or does not wash bottles?

@T.J the bottle washer pro washes dries and sanitizes bottles and pump parts.... But it's $300.

It washes everything! Bottles pacifiers etc it washes sterilizes and drys ! 10/10

I’m so glad other mamas find it useful. We have one but dislike the fact that it’s only 4 bottles at a time. And each run is like 30 mins. We have to feed our baby half formula and half breast milk that I pumped, so after one feeding session, the machine can’t fit all of the bottles and pumping parts. It’s faster for us to wash everything by hand twice daily.

@Jess if the baby bottles are dish washer safe... why not just wash them on the top rack? ...

@T.J as far as I know they aren't.... And I know my pump parts are not dishwasher safe either, which is why I hand wash everything (and why I'm looking at the bottle washer pro).

@Aleksandra how much bigger than the formula pro is it? The pic makes it look way bigger (we have limited counter space right now so if I do get it I'd have to do some rearranging)

@Jess the washer is bigger then the formula maker but it’s very slim on the sides if that makes sense. When I will wash the 4 bottles I have the other 4 ready to go ! So I just rotate. It washes and sterilizes and drys so I don’t have to do anything else idk why people still want to wash bottles lol I myself use the dishwasher at the end of the day. It really saves time.

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