Increased appetite but no appetite

It feels like no matter how much I eat I'm still hungry, I could finish 3 plates of food and still feel like I'm starving, but I also don't want to eat at all, nothing looks good and sometimes it takes me an hour to even finish a small bowl of cereal. Is this normal? And is there any advice on how to cope with this feeling?
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Yep I’m totally the same. My midwife said to eat little and often.

I feel this. I’m 25 weeks and quite literally never satiated. But at the same time, nothing looks good and i’m always craving like really specific things. I don’t know what those specific things are; just not what’s in front of me 😭 like i have to search and hunt to find something that calls to me. I wish I had some advice for you, as i’m still navigating this myself, but I say eat whatever appeals to you! Even if you have to hunt for it lol. You’re allowed!

@Tabby totally with you on this. It’s strange what pregnancy does to your body

@Sarah yeah sometimes it's so hard to eat little and often especially when you're already feeling starving cuz you feel like you gotta eat a lot or like you feel like you're eating too much even when you eat little bits because you're eating so often and it's so complicated

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