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My baby is 10 months old and has been a terrible sleeper since newborn. She always goes down but after an hour wakes screaming but recently it's got worse to the point that she's making herself sick from crying. I've cried letting her cry it out. Cuddling her. Pain relief. Sprays for her bed. Bath before bed. You name it I've tried it and nothing is working and I'm not at breaking point. Has anyone used a sleep consultant and been successful. If so can you please give me some info. UK based. Thanks girls for any advice
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No info but I’m in the same boat, 10 month old won’t sleep I’ve tried different routines and every time I put him down asleep he gets up and starts crying, for the past week this has been, hoping it’s some sort of phase 🙄

I would recommend sleep well with Hannah Love. She is supposed to be really good. She has a free sleep workshop next week you might like to register for. You can find her on insta and Facebook.

I can recommend a very good sleep consultant that has worked for us and a friend of mine. I was desperate too!

Katie at snoozie wonderland! ❤️She was amazing and now my daughter’s sleep is brilliant. I did have another sleep consultant before and she she was awful 😣

I used Gemma at , she was absolutely amazing. We went from at 6 months my baby waking every single hour to sleeping through or just waking for 1 feed in the night! No cry it out method or leaving them either❤️

I’ve heard that Sleepy Stars Ireland are really good! I think they can do online sessions if you’re not based where they are.

We’ve been using Just Chill Baby Sleep / Just Chill Mama, really brilliant and lots of helpful advice x

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