Venting ig

I need to get something off my chest so I’m going to do it here. Back 4 years ago, I started dating this guy. Him and I talked for so long on fb messenger then we was both single, met up and dated for like 3 months. It was May 2020- august 2020. He seemed very sincere. We broke up we had some struggles and just didn’t make it. Anyways we broke up in august, this guy went ahead and got married to someone else October 2020. I just don’t understand how he had time to be a cheater when we was together a lot I mean it was during Covid. It has always haunted me that he got married what 2 months after we broke up. I mean was he really engaged to someone else but like I picked him up from work, dropped him off and we hung out. He went to bed early for work. I mean nothing seemed off like he was cheating. Shit I even met his family. Anyways we broke up and wasn’t necessarily on the best terms but we both moved on with our lives. Now I seen on fb October 2021 he passed away. HE PASSED AWAY! Do you know how many times I have cried about this? I felt like he was a genuine good person and he turned out not to be. Now he’s passed and there’s no way for me to even ask. I don’t want to ask his family or anyone I’m just curious how the hell did he have time for another person? We practically stayed together tbh. Idk what to think. I know it’s old news but it still bothers me to this day!
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Sorry to say this but YOU were the other woman. Leave it alone. Hes gone and honestly with you being the other woman there’s slim to no chance you’d get the answer you want anyways. He was having cold feet about getting married it sounds like but chose to go along with it

lol I have left it alone it’s just always bothered me. Trust me I’ve moved on I have a fiancé and son now. It’s just one of them things

I can understand that! Well just know, he clearly was not good enough for you and you deserve much better than what he could give you

@Kelsey thank you sm.

@Elizabeth can’t ask a person who’s passed away.

Idk for sure but maybe he wasn't cheating. Some people move very fast. Maybe, he met they both fell hard for each other, and they went to the court house to get married. Just trying to see things in a positive

I felt this *sigh* ❤️ this is saddening to hear. That all happened so fast; very unfortunate. That person he married seems like she was always in the picture. She never left. You need to pray and pray hard to release that hurt then maybe you’ll get an answer to how he pasted.

@Elizabeth no need to be smart about it. Obviously I didn’t know what you meant because typically if you have no kids together you don’t keep in contact with an ex or their family. Conclusion is, yall are right. What a cheater he was.

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