FET w/ Trigger day of

Top pic : 2dptransfer&trigger Middle pic : 4dptransfer&trigger Bottom pic : 6dptranafer&trigger To me 6DP looks darker that 4DP or just seeing what I want to see.
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I agree, but these tests and vary a little I think. Post tomorrows when you’ve done it. I feel hopeful for you 🖤

Try not to worry! Mine did this too even though my beta HCG was doubling. These tests are only meant to confirm pregnancy, I’d stop using them now 💜

Did you take the pictures of the tests within the time frame? Even still, line progression is a dodgy science at best, pregnancy tests aren't designed to work in the same way ovulation tests are and get darker, they are massively affected by things like hydration levels. If its causing you to worry, it just isn't worth doing, as they aren't giving you any sort of accurate reading xx

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