Just Don’t Know

How Do You Start Over With Somebody You Love && Dont Wanna Walk Away From But You Feel Like A Part Of Them Will Always Lie To You?
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I’m Currently Going Through This And I Just Look Through His Phone From Time To Time And If You Don’t Have Access Check His Laptops And Other Devices Or Try Talking To Them About It I Was Constantly Telling Him How I Felt And How Much It Bothered Me And He Finally Started Changing His Ways And Being More Present In Our Relationship Once They Understand The Hurt They’ve Caused They Change Not All The Time But They Do And If You Don’t See Any Changes Then It’s Time To Leave Him Alone Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things But Never Trap Yourself Because Of Love

I Have It Been 8 Years ! && Now We Not Together! He Say he Going Change && All But The Only Thing He Don’t Wanna Stop Doing Is Talking To His Female Friend Who He Has Texted About Sex He Claim It Was Just Him Being Mad At Me && It Would Never Happen Again But I’m Just Not Sure I Can Trust It ! How Do I Know You Not Sneaking To Her House Or Even Worse How I Know They Not Fucking !

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