Y WON'T HE EAT!!!!???😤😤😤😤😫

My 2yo won't eat!!! I make him home cooked food. I get him fast food... he won't eat!!! I've pretty much given up on veggies but he won't even eat Pancakes and bacon!! Who does that?! Then ima be looked at crazy cuz he's malnourished!! It's soooo infuriating!!!! I try and try! Every now and then he'll go on an Uncrustables kick but that's not the best anf full of sugar! He's been like this for a year!! I don't know what to do... atp I make sure he drinks milk at least so I feel better that he has SOMETHING on his stomach... please help!
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You’re doing everything you can momma. I know the feeling. My son will only eat chicken nuggets and junk food that’s the only thing he will eat even if we offer so many times. It’s not just me that offers my mom will cook for him different foods and nope nothing. My suggestion is take him to the doctors for peace of mind. I did that and told the doctor and the doctor looked at his labs and looked at his weight and said it was perfectly fine. If they don’t think it’s okay at least they will try to find solutions with you. Another thing is I buy him kids protein shake and he’ll have one in the morning at least so I know he’s getting some protein in him, also just multivitamins! But other than that momma we’ll get through this 👍🏻

I have some experience with this. Please private message me if you would like some tips! I know how hard this is ❤️

Go on solidstarts.com they have all the information you need


My son is going through this too 😩 He used to eat anything I cooked and now all he’ll eat half the time are pb&j’s or those GoGo pouches 😪

My son has an issue with textures so he is very picky. We got him into occupational therapy and that has been helping. My son loves v-8 100% juice and it is fruits and veggies so at least I know he is getting those. I also make him smoothies with frozen fruit and canned veggies and I buy the puree meat jars to add so he is getting protein. That may be an option if he will drink so he is at least getting the nutrition.

I am very blessed to not yet have a picky eater (there are obviously things my kids won't eat, but they will definitely eat healthy portions of food) but my nephew is autistic and struggles with the way a food looks and feels. He loves my homemade macaroni that has a small portion of blended veggies that hide under the cheese. (You can use pureed baby food in things you know he'll eat, they have pureed meats and veggies. I would put them in my son's pasta sauce before all his teeth came in.) Smoothies are a good way to get fruits and veggies in if he'll drink them. My baby brother had some issues with foods growing up and they gave him Ensure protein drinks to help keep his weight up.

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