Harry potter book set

Hey ladies Sooo I was just wondering if anyone has read the full Harry potter books and what's their opinions on it. Are they better than the movies or will I be wasting my time? I'm in need of honest reviews about them 🤍
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The 1st and 2nd book are pretty close to the movies, but after that, the books start to far outdo the movies.

They are better than the movies! You would not be wasting your time. I read them several times when I was young, and I'm now reading them with my 9 year old!

@Apryl sounds interesting which book is your favourite and why x

@Dana I'm intrigued which book is your favourite and why x

So much better than the movies in my opinion. The fifth book was my favorite, and while it was a challenging year for Harry I felt there were so many moments in that book that had me laughing hysterically that didn’t translate quite the same on the screen. The movies also felt rushed compared to the books.

I’m currently on book 5 and I prefer the movies over some of the books, but I’ve also watched the movies a ton of times and this is the first time I’m reading the books

They are amazing! Number 3 is my favorite! It’s where Sirius Black is brought in!

I like them so much better than the movies. I read them all when I was younger and did start rereading them a few years ago but kind of got distracted with life. I can’t wait to read them with my kids!

It’s worth it to read the books!

I have they’re so much better than the movies

I feel like they give more detail in the books which is fair because books are longer. But there are a few characters like rons sister that get a little more shine and detail

The third was my favorite, but they all are great, really. There are always more details in the books, but I love the visuals of the movies, especially the third. So I like the books and movies both.

@Amber oooo thank you for your opinion x

So much better than the movies! I love both but I could not put those books down!

I love both I'll say read the books first before you watch the movies because the books are way more detailed then the movies. I aways loved Harry Potter because I love the idea of magic even being a muggle lol almost named my son Draco but I got my lily and she looks like her dad but got my eyes

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The 3rd and 5th are my favorites.

Omg I was hooked from book 1 they are my favorites

@Sherry awh I think it's sweet that you named your daughter Lily. Did you purposely do that because how much you like harry potter x

Wayyy better than the movies!! I love the books!

The books are better. They are definitely worth a read.

I’m actually about to reread the series. They’re so much better than the movies and I LOVE the movies. My sister and I are huge Harry Potter fans.

So, disclaimer: I haven't read the whole series yet, but I'm currently in the process of reading through them. I'm currently on book 5, and I've seen all the movies. Read the books. There's so much of the story that didn't make it to the movies! I read book 1 before I watched the first movie and I tore that movie to shreds when my husband and I discussed it after, lol. And if you love HP because of the movies, you'll love it even more because of the books. Highly recommend: always read the books. 9 times out of 10, if a movie or show is based off of a book/books, the book is always better.

Books. Hands down. Also, highly recommend listening to the audiobooks narrated by Jim Dale

Thank you ladies for commenting on my post I appreciate it a lot and you've all convinced me so I've have just ordered the book set which are arriving tomorrow! Happy reading ladies xx

Better than the movies. The movies botched their personalities.

Total harry potter but here and the books are way way way better. They really explain what happened and why everything happened in a much better way than the movies.

The books are so much better than the movies, definitely not a waste of time.

It’s worth to read the books, the movies are great as well but it doesn’t have all of the details that the book includes. Definitely do both!

They are better. I loved them as a kid, but I just recently read them as an adult and they completely hit different. Now that I’m a mom, each of the adult women and moms in the book had really emotional and powerful storylines, and most of that isn’t in the movies. Totally worth the read.

The books are definitely better. My favorite character is Ron, but only the book version of him. I just finished rereading them and fell in love with the series again.

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