Pregnant or just a short/light period

My period came 4 days ago which was early (what I think was 9/10/11 DPO). Didn’t track this month as I stressed myself too much last month which would have been 1 month post MC. However it only lasted 4 days & was so light I wouldn’t even count it as a period which is unusual for me… bleeding stopped yesterday but I still have slight cramping. Should I take a test as it could have been implantation? No tests in the house but unsure if I’m just thinking things up
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If it’s 1 month post miscarriage your period is probably going to be different since your uterus has gone through some major changes. If you have symptoms I would test, if not it was probably just a little irregular period

For anyone else who experiences this now or in the future… definitely take a test because I got a strong positive today so it was definitely some sort of implantation bleeding ☺️

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