Vvfl but positive digital?

Hi everyone, I’m around 14DPO however I have very long 35-40day cycles. I’ve taken some FRER tests that seem to show a really light line (the darker ones actually from yday!) so decided to take a clear blue digital instead and I got “pregnant” (yay) So I’m obviously pregnant. My only worry is the lines not getting darker / staying faint might mean I’m heading for another miscarriage / chemical. Has anyone else not got a darker line until much later on? I’m pretty sure with my son I had dye stealers by now but my cycles were much shorter and more regular then.
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14DPO is still soo early some people dont even get a positive that early 😊 I wasnt getting dye stealers until 5-6weeks. I highly recommend getting the cheap premom strip tests if you want to watch line progression. Whatever tests you use, just make sure theyre the same brand because different brands will have different lines

@Billie thanks lovely! I keep seeing posts saying you should have a really dark like at 14DPO but then forget I have much longer cycles and most likely implanted late too xx

@Billie thanks ☺️. I’ve popped my info into a due date calendar and I’m still only 3 weeks pregnant x

Of course! Honestly, everyone is different and I think as long as its getting a little darker every 48 hours youre good. ive read that some people never get dye stealers at all and still have perfectly healthy pregnancies! I totally understand its so hard to not read into it though especially after having a loss already. That reassurance that its getting darker is sooo satisfying

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