How early can/should you try again after miscarriage?

I had surgical management of miscarriage 2 weeks ago and i feel fully recovered physically. Just wondering how long you’re meant to leave it before trying again? The hospital said to wait until the next period but we’ve already had unprotected sex and now i’m worried in case I get pregnant again too early…
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After both of my miscarriages my doc told me to wait for one period and then I could start trying again right away… but from what I’ve read they only tell you to wait for dating purposes of a new pregnancy. My hubby and I didn’t use protection but I’ve also never gotten pregnant before my next period came. I don’t think I ovulate until it comes back or my body just isn’t ready 🤷🏼‍♀️

Have they checked to make sure there isn’t any retained products? I was told to wait 3 weeks and do a pregnancy test to make sure it was negative. They the. said to wait a cycle to start trying

Best advice is unless it’s a really early loss to wait a month but It’s more about when you feel ready. Just make sure youre testing negative before you try otherwise it can cause all sorts of confusion if you do get a positive test.

@Kay they haven’t checked but they said the surgery was successful so unsure if that means they checked when i was asleep, i took a test yesterday and it came up with a strong negative line, but there was a very faint second line still. Helpful to know you didn’t until after your next period.

@Ceri-Ann thanks! I had a missed miscarriage, found out at the 12 week scan that the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks 2 days. So sounds like its best to wait until after my next period.

@Sarah the HCG still lingers until around 3 weeks. If by then it’s still faintly positive get in touch with the hospitals so they can just check you over

My doctor told me to wait at least one cycle after I started testing negative

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