How should I feel?

We miscarried at 9 weeks mid-March and have had 2 cycles since, I’m due on in 7 days but I have that gut feeling that there’s a tiny chance we might be pregnant. I’m so scared. What if it happens again. What if it doesn’t. What should I do differently. Did I cause it to happen last time? What did? Feeling sore boobs, fatigue, that weird stretching sensation at the sides of my stomach. All could easily be explained away as hot weather and pms and perhaps I’m being hysterical but I’m on such a rollercoaster of emotions. How are you meant to feel? Am I making symptoms up in my head because I’m so desperate to be pregnant again?
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When you know you know. All your emotions are completely understandable and okay. You are allowed to feel scared. Hang in there 💖💖💖

I'm in the exact same boat hun I have had sore boobs since 4dpo and I'm 8dpo today xxxxxx

@mammy to 8 angels 👼 Let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring. Sending lots of love and hope 💪🏻

Thank-you darl same to you keep me posted xxx

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