Pissed off!!!

Hey, little rant coming... My nurse and doctor are really trying to get me seen by a gynecologist at the hospital... Whilst waiting for the referral I've had bloods, swabs and pelvic scan and all came back normal.. The waiting list on the NHS is 8 months, so I got back on the phone to my doctors as I said I can't wait that long to be seen as I am turning 40 in July. They have agreed to do bloods for a progrestone blood test on CD 21 and a blood test at the hospital for Lupus anticoagulant screening due to needing to be back in the lab for testing in an hour. I read my notes on the app and the gynecologist without seeing me, further tests has just said my chances are 20% to get pregnant due to my age😡😡 and if I want to skip the queue go private 😡😡.  The age comment has really got to me today 😢
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It's shocking isn't it xxx

Unfortunately this is how the NHS fertility journey goes. I went through it for 4 years then gave up. I’m now 41 and 34 weeks pregnant naturally so I wouldn’t look into the numbers too tough. Stay strong 🤍

I mean I have lost 8 babies they done tests everything is fine and I'm 42 now I have had tests to see if I'm going through the menopause and I'm not it's not the falling pregnant it's the keeping the pregnancy xxx

@mammy to 8 angels 👼 my experience was the same. It was the maintaining the pregnancy that was the issue. I mean…this pregnancy is high risk and it’s not been easy and I’m on aspirin daily since 8 weeks. I’m sending you both so much love and strength because I know how it feels to want it so bad. 🤍

@Dreia thank-you darl it is really hard xxx

20% is that different to normal figures for someone younger trying to concieve naturally. However they like to hold our age against us, which is wrong! I'm 43 and trying for number 4. I have a friend recently got pregnant naturally at 45. Progesterone test at CD 21 will show if ovulation is occurring. Chin up. Don't give up.

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