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  • NC, US
  • 6 months ago

Back to work woes

Tips for making the transition back to working full time as easy as can be emotionally? My maternity leave ends soon and I am really struggling with the thought of being away all day. Was off 12 weeks, and he's my first. Thanks!!
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  • 9 days ago

Hi everyone, i will be due in April, so I'm still working, I find working really hard, hard to keep focused. I wonder if when I'm back from mat leave you will find yourself in the same pos, i mean, can we still work normally? I mean, of course we will have our new challenges but will our minds be a bit better?

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  • 16 days ago

First time mom here and I just started back at work. It’s been tough at times. The first day was the hardest but each day gets a little better. Makes coming home to my LO amazing. Have lots of photos and videos to help through the day. Even something of theirs apparently helps.

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  • 25 days ago

It’s just hard, but I think it is supposed to be...I mean you’ve carried this little human inside you for all this time, you get a month maybe 6 weeks to bond, AND YOU DO! Just do as much ahead of time as possible, take diapers etc over to your care provider a week early, let her interact a your baby so you can see and offer directions...get emergency phone numbers, letter to dr for emergency permission etc written down and to the care provider that week b4 also. Get yourself a great new back to work outfit and have it ready & the baby’s clothes ready the day b4...Do something special with your baby that last week...and when the day comes avoid looking at the clock l/watch/phone all day...you can do this!

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  • FL, US
  • 25 days ago

Hello ladies! I felt the same way, luckily I was able to find something from the comfort of my home, bed and just anywhere! All I needed was my cellphone and WiFi! Let me know if you guys want more information 😋 I know how hard it can be to leave your little one even if it’s just for a few hours!

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  • WI, US
  • a month ago

i see some mamas on here who work from home. pm me? im very interesting in doing something along those lines to be able to stay home with my little one when they come.

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  • 25 days ago

Tabi! We have a whole community of mums working from home with their babies! We even do play dates with them whilst we work, it’s amazing. If I can help you let me know xxx

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  • a month ago

Message me you can joun my team!

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