3 years ago

Back to work woes

Tips for making the transition back to working full time as easy as can be emotionally? My maternity leave ends soon and I am really struggling with the thought of being away all day. Was off 12 weeks, and he's my first. Thanks!!
Back to work woes

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6 months ago

You could try to get a nanny and she can always send you pictures during the day!

9 months ago

Hugs. I am in the same boat except I work remotely and it’s been difficult trying to find that boundary between work and home life since I’m always home. It helps if you have a supportive workplace for moms. I also got hands free breast pump so that’s been super helpful with keeping my milk supply up

11 months ago

Baby monitor. Have someone send lots of pictures. And just know that when you get home, the smiles and hugs you get are AMAZING. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

12 months ago

I am so ambivilant about going to work my Lo is four months and while time apart would be good for my mental health I know he wont like it. I am looking for part time to start.

3 years ago

Hey mamas, would you be so kind as to complete a survey for me please? Any mums who have returned to work from maternity leave. You’d be really helping me out with my project! Thank you so much! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/N2LK7ZM

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