What to “ask” for in divorce?

Hi everyone, My husband and I are filing for divorce after years of emotional abuse. He refused to let me and my kids stay in our marital home as it was his before we met and I moved in. I did register for home rights but it’s still his if that makes sense. I have two children one 8 and our baby who is 1 I am currently staying in my friends house but obviously this isn’t sustainable. My husband and I met to discuss divorce a few weeks ago and we said we could try and negotiate between ourselves. I have sought legal advice who have said I may not get 50/50 but at a minimum I can ask him to buy me a house given I have two dependent kids. Is there anything else I should be considering? I know he will flat out refuse to give me a penny and at that stage il get the solicitor’s involved but does anyone have any advice in terms of what else I should be asking for? He earns more money than me and his house does not have a mortgage and he has no debts.
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You can ask for alimony depending on the state and how long you’ve been together, sometimes it’s awarded long enough for you to get career training or a degree. You can really ask for anything such as not allowing any new gfs to move in with kids unless it’s been a relationship of 1year or more, or ask for equity in the house, ask for a portion of any 401ks (technically the 401k is yours too) - make a list of everything he has because if y’all married, it’s yours too. You can also ask for reliable transportation in your name

Spousal support,Custody,Child Support and depending how long you have been together half the assets.

Thank you so much this is great, we were together for 7 years but we’ve been married nearly 4 so it’s considered a short marriage. My first child is from a previous relationship and I didn’t want anymore but he wanted a baby, I am in the middle of my studies and wanted to wait but he wanted one so now my qualification is delayed etc and I am now raising my two kids on my training salary so yes I think asking for maintenance support is something to consider especially now my individual costs are now more as I have to rely on wrap around care and holiday clubs etc - this is great thank you If anyone has any more things to consider that would be great thanks

I don't know if you can ask for a car, but I think it's an important thing to have for your child.

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