How long would you wait to test?

Incognito because I've seen people I know irl on here. My period is late, though I do have signs like it would've already been here. Most of my cycles are 28 days, though every few months it's 32 days. I'm about to be on 34 days as of tomorrow. My husband had a vasectomy 4 years ago. Hed gotten the all clear back then but hasn't had any more sperm checks since that first year. I know it's unlikely but I am concerned. Don't wanna have drinks this weekend if there's a baby afoot, ya know.. Anyway, given the circumstances, how many days in would you wait to test?
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as a person with anxiety, I would’ve taken it already 😅 better safe than sorry.

Now... you could've tested days ago, absolutely now. Also, I worked in OB and vasectomies fail/reverse alllllll the time... so it's not totally unlikely actually 😅

@Loraine samee

@Loraine absolutely same 💀😅

It’s a possibility. Like Kylee said, it can reverse!

I got a positive result when I was 2 days late I would test now

Now would be a good time to test, I do agree with the others that vasectomies can fail

Take a test to be safe

Test tomorrow if negative test again in like 2 days

you can get like a box of 20 tests for rather inexpensive on amazon as well as ovulation tastes. you could not do it on ovulation cycle days for added measure. but yea check now and in 2 days again like Cindy said. also what's your age cuz periods get whacky for some starting mid 30s

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