Road trip essentials?

My family and I will be driving down to Texas. I am pregnant and have a 1 year old. It will likely take us 5-7 days (we're going from corner to corner)😭 with that being said I need any and all recommendations for toys, snacks, books etc for both baby and I. I'm not reader but would like to have at least 1 book to read for myself (I like crime, mystery, occasionally lovely dovey things, just anything that will keep me hooked to the book really). Mainly need recommendations for my toddler tho she HATES the car seat so anything to keep her happy. TIA
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The DaVinci Code is a real page-turner. We were told to buy suction fidget spinners for the windows.

I go on Pintrest and look for travel ideas! We're going on a cruise soon and have to from from NC to FL with our 1 yo who hates her carseat for any extended period of time 🥲 We took a 2 hour trip to the beach and had to stop half way through because she needed a break. My best advice is to plan periodic breaks outside the car. I know it'll make the trip longer but it will save your sanity in the long run 😬

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