How much were you paid weekly for short term disability?

I’m seeing that it is $170 max?! That’s horrible! I know someone that was paid $255 a week. So just wanted to get more information 🥺
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It depends on your salary. I capped out my numbers, I was paid 3x first payment was $7200 and then 2 more payments of $1500 each.You should contact your HR department to explain if you’re hourly and how frequently you get the checks.

@Navita ok will do thank you 😊

@Kay-Ann no worries. Just to clarify- I didn’t apply for short term disability. I only applied for family paid leave. So find out if you apply for both because you can take 4 weeks earlier if you want and then after birth. But you cannot get both family paid leave and disability at the same time, you may need to apply after your disability ends. So MUCH to do before you give birth and after lol it never ends!

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