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3 years ago

Tell me your story 🥜❤️🙏

Hi everyone! I’ve been at home recently after the birth of my new little peanut, and with this, have had time to reflect on this wonderful community we have all created. When I stumble on your stories, my day really is made — they shed light onto why this whole journey has been worth it. So, I wanna know — If you’ve been impacted by Peanut, I’d love for you to share your story below! (How you found the app, the community you’ve made, etc.) ❤️🥜 Note: there’s a small possibility we might share your story in our marketing.
Tell me your story 🥜❤️🙏

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1 year ago

Hi how are you I'm Kara a mother of 5 girls ages 23,19,17,15,8 I'm a hair stylest and a ordained minister

1 year ago

Mine is soooo long. But if you are interested, I’ll PM you 😃

1 year ago

I joined Peanut when it was still fairly new and there weren’t so many members that I kept getting the same people suggested at me to wave to. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it to be honest, since I don’t have any social media accounts at all. Anyway, I remember how lonely it was being home after giving birth to my first born. I didn’t have PPD, but having worked in a super social environment for almost 15 years and then suddenly waking up to not needing to go to work and just being inside the house with a little one that communicates by crying was like a gloomy Groundhog’s day movie. With Peanut, I felt like I was still able to be social and not feel so isolated. My son was also born with Clubfeet (inherited from his Dad) and I was calm hearing the news but I wondered how many women not familiar would have freaked out? I was glad I have this media/platform to help anybody that may need some info about Clubfeet , hear my family’s experience, or just somebody to let them

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1 year ago

Know that everything will be okay. I’ve seen many wonderful things come out of Peanut. I’ve seen new moms scared, or people needing advice from every aspect of momhood, and even just showing off their babes (like every mom should), and it’s really great to see the goodness that can come out from a group of women sharing the same experiences. This app reminds you that no matter what you are going though, somebody else out there has gone through it and it makes it easy for those people to connect. I’ve met a few women on here in real life that I have kept in my contact list and have become some true friends...yes, it is possible for that one little wave to become a random text message at midnight to a friend just because you wanted to share a funny meme. Thanks Peanut community and Happy Holidays to my fellow “Tinder moms,” (per my husband), lololol.

2 years ago

Although I'm not a 1st time mom I know what you're going through. I have 3 kiddos 8,2 and 10m old somedays are challenging others arnt so bad.

2 years ago

Pregnant with my first baby, living in Essex UK with my partner. We have been together 9 years and have quite an unusual relationship, our time together hasn’t always come smoothly although we have always been close and on the same team. He has ASD and i have my own mental health problems I’ve suffered with in the past. Our life together has constantly been stopped and started. We have always wanted a baby and our time has now come and she is due in August. I’ve wanted this for a long time and really feel I’m going to be a good mum and can’t wait 😊 We also have our first fur baby savannah the cat and second born fur baby Coco the Chi 👋💓 I joined the app because although I am happy in our own family bubble and don’t like to have too many close friends I like to keep in touch with people and thought it would be nice to meet women alike.

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