Reporting my ex

Am I wrong for reporting my ex to his job as a healthcare worker for going to work under the influence of marijuana? I know he smoke when he has our kids and I know his girlfriend who stays with them is also his supplier. He doesn’t have a prescription or anything. He smokes at work, while he’s driving and everywhere else. Am I wrong?
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I think it’s a responsible thing to do, especially due to his profession.

Definitely not in the wrong!! I’d report too

Not wrong

For weed....? I mean it's weed, not meth or opiates.... if you really have a concern about him hurting someone then yes, absolutely, report it.... but it's not as cut and dry as the danger someone in active addiction to drugs, would be.

Smoking weed around kids is dangerous. Report him asap

Depends why. If he’s been doing it for this long clearly it hasn’t bothered you

Doctors/nurses abuse drugs at extremely high rates

@Breawna attending your workplace as a health professional of any kind whilst high on an illegal substance is dangerous… regardless of what the substance is.

I would really be concerned if I found out that a health professional was under marijuana. I mean free to smoke when you are not working, but I’ll definitely report it if he smokes while working.

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