Baby before marriage

I am so tired of seeing these TikTok's of people showing their bf and gf era to their married era and then their mom and dad era and ALL the comments say "doing it the right way" like what do you mean????? There is no right way to live your life and all those people judging and shaming women for being pregnant/mothers without a ring are fucking stupid! Not everyone wants marriage not everyone wants to be married some people want just lifelong partnership without marriage..... people judge way too much and even go as FAR as slut shaming these women for "opening their legs" and not having a ring yet...... what is wrong with the world? People truly aren't afraid to show their true misogyny against mothers and expectant mothers.
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Best to stay out of the comment sections these days. IG and TT are cesspools.

Makes 2 of us. My grandmother had commented to me once about my cousin marrying the father of her 2 kids when the kids were over 5 and its lowkey making me paranoid of what shes saying about me having my son with my boyfriend while shes saying something completely different to me. But honestly it shouldnt matter everyone lives life different and if someone comments negatively my response is always "unless youre living my life fuck off"

There is NO right way I had my daughter July 2022 got engaged April 2023 and having my son June 2024 still engaged

Not everything needs to be taken personally. They could just practice or have different religious values. It really doesn't have to be that deep. This is coming from someone who has zero interest in getting married, BTW.

People suck.

People are asses . I got pregnant right after my 20th bday which was only a little over a year with my hubby and we got married when I was 21 at that time my son was 10 months. ( Gave births 34 weeks 4 days so before my 21st)

People hate women. We can’t win with them no matter what we do. It is misogyny, you’re spot on.

Ignore them people got crazy fingers when it’s online but no one would ever say that to anyone’s face 🤷🏻‍♀️ there’s no right way to do anything just different ways 🤍

For reallll. The only thing I can say is don’t try to have a baby if you don’t know someone for atleast a year because you never know who they are. But having to be married or acting like ppl don’t want to be married just sucks. Like some of us are just patiently waiting for that ring and it’s not OUR faults we’re not married

I have been with my partner for 16 years and not married or engaged as it's just not a priority for us. As soon as we were pregnant after 5 years trying everyone was saying so you getting married or at least engaged now or will baby have my name instead of dads! So I just ignore everyone.

Don't let it get to you. Everyone has opinions and as annoying as it is, it shouldn't affect you! My husband proposed after 10 years together when our eldest two were 6 years old and 6 months old. We were married a year later, have been married 6 years now and have our third who is 6 months. Life happens at different stages for everyone.

I have no judgement for those who have kids without being married (I was one such kid!) even if personally I wanted to be married first, and I was. I think I have more of an issue with nowadays is people rushing into kids with guys they don’t know and then wondering why things are tough. Yes there are exceptions to this, accidents happen etc etc, but generally if you haven’t taken that time to get to know someone before embarking on something that will tie you to them for life, more than living together/co-owning a house/marriage ever will, that to me is silly.

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