Should I be worried ?

My boyfriend works at an overnight club and comes home around the same time every night on the weekends so of course I would know if something changed. me and him do not use condoms at all so I found this conversation very weird but he told me one of the people he was conversing with last night gave him a condom because he told them he had 6 kids. His 3, my 2 and the one baking in the oven . Being that me and him don’t use condoms, he took the condom from the stranger, and I asked him what did he do with it he said it’s in his pants pocket and that he’s gonna throw it away. I did question why he even took a condom from a stranger in the first place, but he didn’t really have an answer. I don’t know whether I should be worried or not worried because he told me in the first place, and when I got it out his pocket, it had a small hole in it. I told him about it, and he was lost for words and disposing of it . All I wanna know is should I be worried that he even took one from the stranger in the first place being that me and him don’t use them?
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i think depends how he usually reacts in social situations. if he’s the type where he has no problem saying no and just flat rejecting someone offering him something even as a joke , or if you think he’s the type to not want to say no and just be like “ha-ha thanks i guess” and then pocket it. i think it definitely helps he told you about it in the first place rather than you finding it in his pants or in the trash or something. then again trust your instincts cuz with men you never really know till you know.

He’s a real goofy person and has a bright personality so socializing is not an issue with him because a security guard and he has to deal with people regardless working there I’ve seen how he is in public and I think he did take it to not say no in a mean way, but I was only concerned why he took it knowing that we don’t use them, but I guess I just answered my own question didn’t want to say no

yeah and he told you about it, if he had a real intention to use it i don’t think he’d tell you about it bc then you’d be wondering what he did with it and it’d cause too much problems

Hmmm.. well, it’s a great sign he told you about it ! Drunk people can be pushy, so he probably just took it to shut them up after they knew about your kiddos. The hole in it is weird- but I’d be more worried if he HAD NOT told you. I think it’s okay mama- but you know him better than anyone. Always trust your gut ❤️

It sounds like he took the condom to joke around with the guy who gave it to him. He told you about it immediately too. I personally wouldn’t be worried about this. It sounds like it was just a big joke. And you mentioned it was a “club” so I’m taking that as some drunk guy was goofing off and your man just played along.

He probably just took it so that he wasn’t being rude. I wouldn’t worry, at least he told you about it 🫶🏼

It was probably just a joke especially if there was a hole on the condom where it is visible

I wouldn't be worried. Seems like he took it to avoid coming off rude at work. And told you about it in case you saw it veggie he threw it out.

I think he probably was just taking it to be nice. Seems like no big deal considering he did tell you about it!

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