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Has anyone taken Escitalopram and then weaned off? I'm weaning and I feel awful
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I’m on it now and thinking of weaning bc I’ve gained so much weight. How are you doing it and what are your side effects?

I’m on it and when I tried to wean my anxiety came right back

The weight gain is why I started to wean off. I was taking 10. She switched me to 5 mg once daily for two weeks, then 5 mg every other day, she 2 weeks. I feel very tired & I keep getting quick flashes of disorientation/ dizziness 😩 it feels so weird

Oops! That was supposed to say then 5 mg every other day for one week. Then I stop.

I had some vertigo and electric shock feelings in my head but I weaned off pretty quickly, it wasn’t for me

Electric shock is the best way to describe it

Yes. I promise it gets better! The worst of it (the zaps and brain fog) cleared for me after about a week and a half. Be sure to talk with your doc if you need help weaning or are having prolonged issues ❤️

Friends have told me you can request to wean even slower than that, you can also get an oral solution I believe down to like 2.5 mg so you don’t just drop from 5 to none. I’m terrified of the brain zaps and the vertigo! Also totally worried my panic attacks will come right back. I feel great now but I’m 40 lbs heavier than I was 😭

@Tiffany did you go back on?

Been off that a while and feeling a lot better these days! It does get better in time 🫂

@Tanisha that worst for sure!!! Don’t miss that at all! Ask for a slower taper. Do not rush it. Let your body and mind adjust, it will take time

I took myself off because I got pregnant, and the brain shocks only lasted like 2 days, then nothing.

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